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April 28, 2004



Not necessarily what you're complaining about; but I found out that one of our gaybors interviewed to work at the M Street Starbucks in Georgetown when he moved out here. He got offered the job and never showed up. Well, that happens to be the shop that one of my boyfriend’s best friends managed. Turns out he remembered interviewing our gaybor and being annoyed when he never showed up. I guess it’s a good thing they moved before they could hang out with the gaybors.

The Brother

Damn. Well, some of it might be chalked up to age...if the girl was my age, I might have been more pissed. She just, even at age 18, may not be aware of the realities of having a job.

Didn't you ask her what days she'd be available, however? I remember they asked me that at Kinkos.

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